My Kind of Survivor Story

In us we have it all, we’re wild

country and deep root cellars.

Our fingers sift

flowers and light, we knit

sunbeams cast like scarves

for air, we ride

summer’s long shadows until the day

bleeds out and kisses

our newborn cheeks — hello, goodbye.

Raucous life lives here

in us, we have it all,

joined hands and stray strands

of hair streaming

long behind us all, telling

time another kind of tale, one

where we lift

up and know what we always were:

us the lovers,

us the heroes,

us all in us.


8 thoughts on “My Kind of Survivor Story

      1. I loved reading the other poem you have posted on your blog. I write myself and post some of mine to my blog under the category My Poetry. I am a survivor of abuse, so your poetry seems to resonate a lot with me, though it might not be on the same exact issues, it is wonderful and beautiful and I love them.


      2. Thank you again Kate, I’m looking at your blog now and it’s a beautiful place to be — maybe I’m in a weird mood this morning but I’m feeling like you and I write in harmony 🙂

      3. I really enjoyed wandering in your blog and am looking forward to going through it completely soon. I think that we might be kindred spirits. 🙂 I kept thinking wow what a bummer I hadn’t found you sooner.

        Good and healing thoughts to you.


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