Rabbit Will Run


We have baby bunnies in our living room.


Life is overflowing everywhere. Is it the same for you? We cut back the houseplants and carved out a new space to fill with stories, memories, meaning.

We are poor folk. We gather things from the wild and make do. Somehow we always feel the richest. Strange how imagination can satisfy and fulfill you. That’s how kids live, remember that? They have nothing but stories, they invent worlds out of the air. Children know we live in imagination. There’s the dream world where you can see and feel your imagination but you can’t quite control it. And there’s the harsh world where you can control your imagination but you can’t see or feel your creations. It’s an Uncertainty Principle of Massive Proportions.  We can only know our imagination in one form at a time: you can either know you’re imagining, or imagine you’re knowing.

Do you see how everything and nothing is the tension between Potential and Actuality, Imagination and Reality? These two states create each other. Stop asking the physicists to tell the story of the beginning of the Universe, and find it here. Or simply meditate upon it, like a koan.

My world becomes curiously made for me, or I for it, as I am it, and it is me. I stroke that relationship from nose-tip to tail. When my eyes open like the baby bunnies’, I will reclaim my right to dream everything into place.  Thus “Shamanism” takes new meanings lately. When Owl stares at me and says only, “Love,” I hear enough to ponder for days. Suddenly everything accuses me of not dreaming a myth and theory for why it exists, what it is, and what it’s doing. I want to be small again and play, running off benches believing I might be able to fly.


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