Of Bees and Honey


Part of me (I use this phrase because I believe I am literally composed of soul-parts) is in love with honeycombs. So today when my wife bought me a small piece of honeycomb from the grocery store, I was in heaven. I didn’t know what exactly I wanted to do with it, but I knew I wanted to experience the honeycomb in some wonderful way far beyond just tasting it in my tea! I also wanted to have a piece of the wax that I could keep as an amulet after enjoying the honeycomb.

So I rendered it, which was simple because it wasn’t as “natural” a honeycomb as I’d like.  But it was still utter joy. Just cutting the honeycomb, gently breaking it and scraping the wax cells as they melted was strangely intensely pleasurable. I realized I’m much more drawn to honey and the honeycomb than I previously thought, and I began to make the experience more spiritual. I whispered a prayer as I stirred the melting honeycomb, imagining what it would be like if I could put my bare hands right in and feel it.

While I wait for the melted honeycomb to cool, I’m watching the honey extraction process on youtube, where you see the honeycomb in its purely natural state and in all its stages of processing. I’m enthralled and delighted. It’s taking me on a journey of learning about beekeeping and how various peoples have celebrated and honoured bees. I am going to explore this much further, and perhaps I will speak with Bee spirit one day as well.


Now I’ve made a honeycomb inspired necklace out of copper wire, with a little vial of honey! I love it!

rendering honeycomb

me and necklace



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