Simple Spirit Worship

Spirit and energy are, in my view, the same concept: the verb to be. They are pure existence, which is an action and not an object, and thus neither can be observed directly. However, they can be observed and known by their effects.

To be is what all things do, even if they do little else. Thus all things are spirit-infused.

When we ourselves do nothing but notice that we are being, we are spending time with spirit. It is as easy as that. When we add gratitude and awe, we are giving spirit our worship and devotion. To simply be is itself a prayer when we know the true wonder of being.



4 thoughts on “Simple Spirit Worship

  1. Put this thought together with the concept of the “Web of Life” (or – “Web of Creation”) and it adds up to an even bigger picture:

    Just the mere existence of something or someone, from that moment on, changes the whole “system” (for lack of a better term). Change is simply proof that nothing should remain unchanged, else it will stagnate and fade away. If the Universe, and everything within and beyond, is constantly vibrating (think: the “Cosmic Song”), THAT should be proof enough that all things are dynamic and in motion. To “Be”, is constantly in motion.

    I also like to think of the energies as currents, flows, vibrations; and “spirit” is the willful driver of that motion and action. The “Mind”, the source of intention, inspiration, and the beginnings of the “stirrings” that are to Be.

    1. Lovely thoughts. You’ve painted a beautiful picture with your description here. I so enjoy thinking about the universe and spirit and their dynamic motion of constant change.

      1. I was first taught about the “Web of Life” many a year ago by an old gentleman.


        I see it as a “Web of Creation” – or – Web of the Cosmos, because of the idea of “Holographic Existence” in the fashion that Michael Talbot wrote about in “The Holographic Universe”. I highly-recommend this good, short book for an excellent read and a rather eye-opening perspective on yet another “Avant Garde” theory that seems to have many answers pointing to it.

        ” Everything on the Web, feels even the slightest ripple, no matter where or how small. ” – Rev. Dragon’s Eye (channeled)

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