River Spirit

I am that river,

never the same twice;

my thoughts boil

on the brink

of a change of state.

I am a multiple soul

budding and hiving off

and I hear my cells speak

as the river hears

its stones. Live,

live, live, sings

the river, and my souls. Live,

live, live, sings

it all.


11 thoughts on “River Spirit

  1. You had me at “I am that river, /never the same twice”. 🙂

    What a steadfast, self-aware piece. Your character burns bright, and next to it, your determination to live. You somehow reminded me of that indomitable will and spirit of the female main character in Tristan and Isolde (the opera, not the film). This poem of yours would have fit as one of her solos. 🙂

    Keep that powerful soul, and stay inspired.

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