Living Your Life’s Purpose

Imagine reaching a place in your spiritual growth when everything becomes easy. You’ve achieved peaceful enlightenment!

Or, not. Chances are these “highs” have been terrible times in your life. Times when you felt bored, passionless, lethargic and desperate for a spiritual fix. This is what happens when the your spiritual path becomes too easy, too familiar.

If you were playing a video game, would you appreciate it if the final 5 levels were as easy as the first? Or would it seem like a let down, too boring, not worth your time?

Every time you hit a spiritual high, the satisfaction peaks for a while — and then drops. You probably think you fell off your path. You didn’t. You didn’t even plateau. You just got used to the incline.

Your life’s purpose isn’t a goal you can reach. It’s not a state you can maintain. It’s the constant call to keep challenging yourself.

Ultimately, if you’re following a path, that means you’re not creating it. You can’t do much to challenge yourself here but wait or take a detour to different ground.

However, if you’re creating your path, rejoice in these seemingly passionless times. They are true victories. They are those moments when everything becomes easy. Now you know you can create an even more challenging journey.


10 thoughts on “Living Your Life’s Purpose

  1. Wonderful post, and very insightfully wise! I’m guessing that is you in the photo? I just want to say you are quite gorgeous! 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your day!

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