Series: The Culture of You

Once you’ve figured out what you know and what is true for you (as I posted here:, it’s time to act it.

How do we live out our truths? You may first have to build upon your truth foundation to develop your life truths, if your foundation was as abstract as mine was. But the idea is to think of what naturally follows from your core truths that you should act out.

Do you believe that there is a natural balance of energy exchange? Then incorporate ways to live the heart of that balance, by honouring Spirit and not worrying about how much you’re giving and receiving.

Or maybe you believe that we are all One. Then think deeply about ways to show your relationship of oneness to the world and the universe.

So once you know what is true, do what is true.

You can build on it further in an artistic way too. How can you symbolically represent your truths? How can you paint them, sing them, dance them, wear them? Now you’re really building the culture of you.


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