How to be Happy and Live Your Passion

Do what you must to support yourself, humbly, without ambition for wealth. Then do you what you love and give it away for free.

Most people will try to shoot this down. It’s too hard, it’s too easy, it’s invalidates the worth of your work, etc. But this is what works for me.

I’m lucky in that I have an office job that’s very quiet and boring. It allows me the peace and largely stress-free freedom to give my real energy elsewhere. I don’t make “enough” money — but I make just enough to keep going, and it always works out somehow. Sometimes I don’t have enough for nice smoothies or juice, so I drink water and enjoy it and realize how happy I can be.

And in my spare moments I find the universe gives me just enough energy to reach out to others.

Because I don’t give my passion to a company, I get to live out my passionate work exactly how I choose. I haven’t been trained to do it a certain way. I have no rules to comply to. There are no societal expectations, and therefore no stress. It’s all my authentic truth that I’m giving out freely.

And it works. It all comes straight from Spirit. I am fulfilled and can continue to give more and more. I always get just enough back. That “just enough” isn’t donations or attention. It’s gratitude from others and the hope that maybe I made someone smile.

It doesn’t inflate my ego, it doesn’t cause me to crave wealth and fame. It stays real, and humble, and full of gratitude and grace. I’m living my authentic passion, and I’m supporting myself and my wife and our little herd of animals. We are happy. We are free.


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