Grounding in a River

I identify as having ADHD, but really that’s just a nice way to explain what is a very human problem. I also have trouble changing between tasks or mind-sets, which again is a very human problem. So I ask, How do we learn to both sit with the moment, and go with the flow?

It all came to me in a powerful visualization: to ground myself in a river. Imagine yourself connecting and rooting in the flowing water, moving with it, being here now.

Then realize that the river is Spirit.

Done with sincere effort, it brings me right back to myself and my focus and the spirit of being in the moment, letting Spirit guide me.

So I offer this exercise as a tool for you to focus and get in touch with Spirit in the moment, which is the real stuff of life. The hard part is to make it a habit and remember to practice it! The goal’s to get to a place where this isn’t work and not a duty, but the path of joy and peace and energy.


One thought on “Grounding in a River

  1. I ground to the earth, it is an exercise that I do everyday, even though I really hate it. I find it difficult to do and a difficult connection, even though I am deeply connected to my hometown. What I decided to do as well is ground to the nearest large body of water, which is the Mississippi River. It is very transformative each time. How nice to see that you believe in it as well.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


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