Series: The Culture of You

I have a dream. My dream is that we will come upon a time when culture does not describe regional groups, but individuals. Every person has within them the potential to grow their own culture. Every person can have their own way of speaking, their own way of seeing the world, their own songs and their own celebrations.

I am speaking of something more than just feeling free to express yourself. That feeling is available to everyone already. But people haven’t learned to take themselves to the fullest of their authentic selves, where they know their own truths, and this is what they want to express. 

If you want to be authentically YOU, being yourself and honouring yourself, the first thing you need to know is what your truth feels like. How does it feel when you know something is true? Do you even know? Get in touch with it.

Ask yourself, What do you know is true? 

If the first things that leap to mind are what you’ve been taught in a school or a church, put that to the side for a moment. Have the courage to find a truth that no one else is telling you.

Ask yourself, What did you believe as a child? What do you wish were true? These questions might help you get in touch with a truth more wild than you can currently imagine. 

Build the Culture of You. Write your own songs, create your own rituals, create your story of reality.

Try asking yourself some questions now, and think about them for a while. Work on them slowly, just let them sit, figure them out like a Buddhist koan. 

  1. Did the universe have a beginning?
  2. Is the universe finite or infinite?
  3. Is reality what we experience through our senses, or is it something else?
  4. Does an absolute, objective reality exist?
  5. Is consciousness merely the product of the brain?
  6. What are thoughts? Are they matter-based? Are they spirit? or mere illusion?
  7. Do souls or spirits exist? How do they come into being?
  8. What caused the “laws of nature” to be as they are?
  9. What happens when we die?
  10. Are good and evil real things?

Yes, it is hard work. I won’t lie, it is hard work to figure out what you believe. If you are a logical person with an interest in the universe, you might find yourself having to build an entire cosmology from the ground up, with no one else’s ideas to guide you. 

But the work is the most beautiful and worthwhile thing imaginable.



3 thoughts on “Series: The Culture of You

  1. A timely read for me, and I thank you. I find myself being drawn more and more toward community building, only, not really. Really, I find myself being drawn more and more toward interaction with people from a place of compassion and patience, while knowing such an approach is really the only way to build community, without actually wanting to build community. It’s an interesting place for an reluctantly social person such as myself to be. But, I think we as a culture (possibly as more than just one culture?) have lost sight of our individualness. We say America is about the individual, but it’s not, not really, not if your individualness doesn’t meet up with what marketing and our rampant consumerism tells you you should be. We say we’re about individualism, but there is an undercurrent of, if you aren’t serving others — by living your life to meet their expectation — you are doing it wrong.

    I suspect that building a healthy community — however community is defined by one — starts with building a healthy relationship with ones’ self. And we can’t do that if we don’t know ourselves, right? We need to be MORE selfish in order to be truly selfless. It is, in my experience, the lack of time we give ourselves to live our lives authentically, that creates resentment and an unhealthy, overprotective focus inward to the exclusion of considering others’ authenticity.


    1. Brilliant words, thank you. I really agree. I believe in embracing opposites simultaneously, so I think of it as being the Servant Queen. The Servant Queen is utterly selfless and utterly selfish all at once. It’s not the same as a balance, it’s the wholeness of having both completely at the same time.

      Hugs and blessings to you!

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