Finding One’s Core Truths

To me, it is absolutely vital that one creates one’s own belief system from a place of gut feeling. This is what I consider authenticity of personal truth.

I believe that inside everyone is an ability to sense truth like we sense a touch on our skin. But we have not been trained to use it. With regard to truth-knowledge, most people are like newborns who can’t recognize shapes and colours, or tell the difference between a pencil and the table upon which it rests.

One has to start at the beginning and find one’s core truths, which will be the foundation for all other truths.

Of course, the question is, how does one discover them? First of all, this is a quest that ought to be undertaken without research. So close your books and turn away from the computer screen. All you need is your mind, and your gut intuition. You’re searching for a gut feeling of KNOWING something is true, and knowing it so deeply that you also know that you’d never change your mind. Have you ever felt this way before? In philosophical terms, it would be known a priori, which means without reference to any other fact. It needs no proof, other than itself.

Maybe you’re a logical person, so for you the rules of logic ring as absolute truths that you would base your life on. Maybe you know there is a god, and doubt never enters the picture. Maybe you know that love is the most important thing, a fact that feels like your heart is on fire when you think about it.

You can meditate on it, workshop it, and ask yourself endless questions to get to the bottom of this. Just don’t spit up pre-fabricated answers based on someone else’s truths. You’re looking for a gut feeling, not just an answer.

For me, my core truths are based on how the universe began, and how reality works, so I’m really starting at the very beginning and building up from there. But my sense is that everyone’s core truths will be different. I’d be damn interested to hear from someone else what they consider a core truth and how they have built on it.


10 thoughts on “Finding One’s Core Truths

  1. I don’t think personally that people’s core truths are really so different, just different interpretations perhaps, and that come from my gut. You are a wonderfully wise and sound person. Glad to know you πŸ™‚

  2. Great post Jove, yes we must all find our our own core truths, not borrow from someone else, because that would be like following Wicca or Christianity, not your own ideas.

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚ I am always stunned that we are not taught to seek our own answers, but rather to follow others. I imagine that only creates a lot of empty-feeling people…

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