What is the River Thinking?

Walking with my dear friend and co-worker is always special; I feel like I have a diamond in my life. She comes from a village in Ethiopia where there is no electricity, and the older people don’t know much at all about modern technology. For instance, my friend’s mother was astonished when she first saw a cell phone and heard her daughter’s voice from Canada; she couldn’t believe it was possible.

I love hearing her stories of how they preserve milk in dried gourds, and turn it to yogurt, butter, and cheese, and how they tend their cows and harvest their crops. And when I told her a little about my interest in Spirit, she suddenly opened up and began to talk about her animist beliefs.

So today when we went out walking I told her I was thinking about the universe and our relationship with it. She was delighted and we began to wonder out loud where the clouds go, where our breath comes from, and what is the river thinking? I dropped some tobacco on the ground as an offering and she explained how, back home, people give offerings to rivers and large trees.

I feel extraordinarily lucky to know her — here in Canada, far, far too many people are out of touch with the basic truths of life. For I believe science doesn’t have the whole story; I believe in Spirit.


3 thoughts on “What is the River Thinking?

  1. much like the people here in the US…They are… Careless about the beautiful things around them… But mostly blind to them… Because they have been spoiled by convenience…

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