I am full of gratitude, and from this place I wish to make offerings to Spirit. I’ve lit incense and am giving prayer.

Yesterday early in the morning, my wife had a kidney stone attack. She has had so many in the past that it’s amazing she handles the situation with any grace at all. We went to the hospital and the nurse there was amazing. Never have we experienced such good treatment. She was spooning ice chips into my wife’s mouth and rushing to help give any little thing she could. My wife quickly received pain medication and I’m so thankful it worked, and the stone passed without further incident. Although she’s terribly sore and drained today, I’m grateful it went so smoothly.

I’m also grateful for Heron, which visited me yet again, swooping down magnificently just as spirit said it would.

And finally, I’m grateful to Spirit, for the messages, gifts, and grace which flow freely. Confirmations of Spirit’s existence continue to come without me asking, and in wonderful ways. When I’m in the hospital with my wife, I’m so grateful that I can at least try to help her through prayer and energy healing. I am never helpless and never alone; interconnectivity empowers me.


3 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. I have finally caught up, What a hell of a journey you have had, and no mistake. I do feel that you are still Shaman, even if it is not in a book, it is your Path, your way of working. It is how the Great Spirit contacts you, through your guides. You have become Balanced, not letting your justified sorrow have its hold but letting Love and Joy in as well. Reborn from yourself. I now understand your comment when you first came to me, which is why I did not really reply.

    The awakened energy you have now, do you know its purpose yet? As Spirit told you, I would be interested to know, Ms. Mystic has an unusual process from Gaia, I have been given purpose from Mother Danu, so I was just being nosy, that is all.

    I am glad Willow is better, but there maybe a Herb that will stop the process, but saying that, A friend had it last month, and was told that Diet Cola was a big factor in getting Kidney stones. I hope that helps Willow not get anymore.


    1. You are so kind to read my through my posts and see my journey from it’s beginning. Thank you Dave, for your words and your thoughts.

      I don’t know all the details of my purpose yet, I only know I am to be a healer. But I’m excited for what will come.

      Thank you too for your kind thoughts of Willow’s kidney stones. She does take an herbal concoction for them which is supposed to help break them up. And she does avoid diet cola, that stuff will kill you!

      It’s amazing to connect with people online, finding others with similar spirits, and getting a glimpse of their journey. And though we may not talk much, the connection is lovely!

  2. Try not to have any carbonated drinks, instead go for fruit juice, if DC is bad then you can bet the rest are at the least dodgy.

    Reading through is the only way to understand a journey but that is just me. Going back 15 years or more this would not have happened, if you were lucky to meet someone and walk with them a while, you were lucky. Now we can walk until our time is up, building a fellowship and understanding over the thousands of miles. I am not a social butterfly, but this is great. I will be staying in touch Jove, maybe not as often as I would like to at this time.

    Healer, cool, but there is more than one way to heal, a species, the planet, others, mind, body, Spirit, emotions. This is an exciting time to be true.

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