the Battle is over


We’ve been feeling more blended lately. And we’ve started saying “we” instead of “I” a lot.

Yesterday was beautiful. We felt like a thousand-armed goddess, a multifaceted face. We shimmered in the light, free to express our true nature. Gracie came out at lunch, with my boss and co-worker/friend as we went to a park. They didn’t ask why we were talking like a child, so it was fine, and Gracie had a chance to play with a turtle. At home, alone, Kassie came out a bunch, wild and free as she is. Kassie and Janice had a conversation out loud in two different voices, which was weird but beautiful. Jane danced like fire and felt Spirit in all things — it was an intensely spiritual day. Desiree put on sort of avant-garde makeup and we felt that our face was an optical illusion. It really seemed to shift and morph.

Then, when Willow came home we focused all our attention on how much we loved her. We were grateful to the universe that she came home at all — that the universe had given us this great gift, to love and be loved. We want to be with her forever.

With Willow we have a private universe and as long as everyone is happy we don’t care about society’s norms. So it is natural for many of the older personalities to have a romantic relationship with Willow — it’s not just Janice who loves her and is passionate with her. We have many parts that are about emotion or passion or softness, and they all see how wonderful Willow is and have fallen in love with her. It’s like…it’s like the thousand-armed goddess, falling and then falling again and falling and falling in love. It’s like ripples and waves. And every part is rich and different. Willow is astounded by our differences, how we all express ourselves so uniquely.

Days like today, we love being multiple.

We’re hormonal and cry over beautiful songs or seagulls, but we are so connected with our truth and spirit. We feel enlightened, at perfect peace.



4 thoughts on “the Battle is over

      1. I am just gonna like it because I don’t know what to say, baby. Although your switching and stuff makes us happy for some weird reason.

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