Shamanic Healing, and Curses

I believe that thoughts are forces. This is the centre of my belief in magic. So if you come to me wanting a curse removed, this is what I will tell you: that anyone can do magic, and that you only feed the curse’s power by believing that it is so effective. That is only my opinion, of course, and I respect that others may think differently. But I believe in empowering oneself.

Shamanic healing is, to me, only a spark that helps to initiate a bonfire of one’s own healing. Ultimately we heal ourselves. Thus shamanism requires effort from all parties involved. No one will be healed without some effort of their own, whether it be faith or action.

Shamanic healing is a magical thing, but that doesn’t mean it is instant and saves you the trouble of working things out for yourself. I’m sure that is very disappointing to some, and I understand the desperation of needing to feel better or get out of a tight spot. But one cannot gain strength without being strong enough to carry any weight in the first place. You have to pick yourself up, bit by bit. Shamanic healing is, to me, a guide, an inspiration, and a blessing. But you still have to carry yourself forward.

My aim here is not to criticize or be passive aggressive. Rest assured, I have had wonderful experiences in my spiritual work. However, people coming to me may have very different spiritual opinions, such as on the matter of curses, and occasionally people lash out at me in their fear and pain. So I thought I would put forward my stance.

Love and blessings to all who stop by!


7 thoughts on “Shamanic Healing, and Curses

  1. Very beautiful post.

    I have found in my own experience, that sometimes rituals to break “curses” can be very effective at changing a person’s mindset to something more positive. It’s easy to start feeling like a victim when we suffer through a series of bad events, and performing a ritual can help us take back our power to fight against what we perceive as being a curse. But, as you said, it is still very much a process that requires a lot of effort on our part, and not an instant cure-all.

    1. Oh yes, now that I think of it, I do a lot of inner rituals against mental programming and negative mindsets. Ritual is indeed powerful! I wouldn’t want to suggest otherwise. But a second-hand ritual preformed on behalf of someone else, when the recipient isn’t putting any faith or effort into it, wouldn’t be effective in my opinion.

  2. Hi Jove (is it Jove?) – glad to have found your blog! and I have a thought to add here. I do think that someone more aware can affect someone who is less aware… I hope you know what I mean by “aware”. Tuned in, I could call it. This self-empowered state of mind can influence beyond one’s own state.

    It’s easy to see with a parent and child, for example the mother who never believes the child will amount to much, and the child who consequently doesn’t amount to much. This can follow even if the mother is conscientious about not speaking her inner belief aloud. It leaves the child-become-adult with a “curse” (of sorts) to lift and a long journey learning how to.

    Some people seem to have a stronger effect than others – not always a negative effect, but if the “affecter”‘s belief is negative or worse, if their will is malevolent, then when this goes on it can do a lot of harm.

    I have experienced it. I feel it’s partly why the ethics of any healer are so important. Strength is another word for what I’m calling awareness. Someone strong enough to heal is also strong enough to hurt and while I do agree that the “victim” needs to do it her/himself, surely healing (= lifting of a curse by another name) is – or involves, at least – taking that person by the hand and walking with them on the learning journey.

    That’s where I’m at so far in my understanding, anyway. πŸ™‚

    1. Good points! I really liked your image of taking a person by the hand and walking with them on their journey. That is what I like to do in helping people πŸ™‚
      Thanks so much for your insights!

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