I am more than one person, and I am proud.

This is a world where people can have the soul of a gender opposite to their physical anatomy. Why then must my personality, which is so akin to my soul, be called a disorder? I am more than one person, and I am proud.

I have always been this way. I have always wanted to express a multiple soul. I am pulled in all different directions all the time. But this is not a disorder. I am proud.

Baby-talk and child’s play are nothing wrong when it’s what your soul aches for. Why must we push ourselves so hard to leave these things behind? Growing up doesn’t mean disowning who you once were. I am not disordered, and I am proud.

I wear different faces inside. My moods are like layers of swift-sailing clouds. I can change clothes a hundred times a day, and write a dozen journal entries in different handwriting and different voices.

But I am not disordered. I am proud.


2 thoughts on “Pride

  1. This is so… I can’t even think of the words. What if everyone thought like this instead of the “fix it it’s broken!” mentality? I love what you’ve expressed here. It is just absolutely right.

    1. Jenny, thank you! It’s so good to hear from you. I can be awful about keeping up correspondence.

      Yeah, I think personal empowerment is the answer to just about anything 🙂

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