Moon-skin mine, cratered

silver white, where life collided

with life. Long ago, meteors dug

deep and burned

their way in, tipped red-hot.

They left their ash to cool

on my skin; left a mark

where the fire burned

and was snuffed out.



4 thoughts on “Scars

      1. I understand, I have more than my fair share of them from my shoulders down to my wrists, and it’s always one of the touchiest subjects. but the composition you’ve presented yours in is stunning. xo,

      2. Yes — most people never ask me about them, but the other day my partner’s elderly mother literally pulled down my top and asked what was wrong with my chest! I just said, “Life,” and she let it go, and I felt a bit shaken so I wrote about it. Thank you for reminding me I’m not alone ❤

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