Healing, Spirit, and Everything

I talk to spirits. It’s not any particular religion or tradition, it’s just what I do. Often spirit-animals bring me messages. The spirit animals that represent me best are deer and wolf. They, together, are a duality of gentleness and fierceness.

Also, for the last three years I have been working on self-transformation, healing from the past, and setting my potential free.

All this came together during our trip to Algonquin. Deer and moose spoke to me. “They are coming,” Spirit said. To me this meant many things. “Do not be afraid to face your fears,” Spirit said.

Earlier I had told Willow we would see a wolf on a hill. I knew it, yet I did not expect it. Even in Algonquin, such a sighting is rare.

Then, driving down Highway 60 at 1:00am, Willow asked me to call upon my helping spirits as we spoke of some healing and facing my truth. I spoke to Willow of deer and wolf and my other spirit guides. Just as we were coming up a hill, and we saw pairs of eyes.

A beautiful wolf stood there on the hill, eating a deer-kill.

It did not run away when we stopped the car. It did not flinch when we shone powerful flashlights on it and took pictures. It stood and ate, fearless.

Two other wolves were lurking in the trees, and when we turned the car and our flashlights off to listen to them moving, I got a bit scared. So I looked up at the stars, just as a meteor streaked across the sky, right above the wolf.

Wolf is my truth, and after these amazing happenings I was purely excited to face it. To remember, to know, and to be.

“You will be who you want, and who you are,” wolf-spirit said to me.

So I will always remember the truth of who I am and what’s gone on in my life, but for every bad thing I remember I will revel in something good. And I will always remember how far I’ve come.



10 thoughts on “Healing, Spirit, and Everything

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I’ve been noticing people growing and transforming lately. Maybe it’s just the constant way of the world, or maybe it’s getting more intense now for people — either is good.

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