Bizarro World: Beaver and Deer Spirits

My life has suddenly become the X-Files and the world is a different place for me now.

However, I have been called upon to document the strange events of this evening. See, about a week ago my partner and I came across the strangest roadkill we’ve ever found: a beaver. It wasn’t even near a pond, just a tiny stream. But of course I honoured it and helped it re-connect with the All-Spirit, shamanically. And then…this evening, we found another one. 

This one was bigger and in perfect condition, with nary a scratch on it. It was by a big river but way up a hill from it, so still pretty weird. Again I communed with the beaver spirit. This time, it had a message for me. Watch for the deer, it said.

So we drove on and on, stunned by the twin beaver finds. When we came to the end of our route however, our focus shifted. This was now about the deer. We drove out another way, and I felt the deer announce that they were coming. My partner said, “How do you feel about this?” And I said, “It’s just a bit further.” We drove a bit further and then we came upon them: two deer in a field.

I got out of the car and sang to them, then walked a bit and waited. I received a message then, and I knew it was done. 

So strange, and so beautiful.


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