Spring, and Life and Death

Signs of Spring are creeping into the wild. About a week back we left an offering in the woods, and when we came back to check on it a tiny little possum was happily chowing down. Then the other day my partner saw a huge coyote standing on a hill in broad daylight, and got some great photos of it.




Meanwhile, I sorted out for myself how Spirit and Matter intertwine, dissolving into each other. It sounds crazy but some quantum physicists will suggest that when not being observed, objects are not in matter or particle form, but rather wave functions of possibility. I call that an aspect of Spirit, as I believe that imagination and potential are Spirit. So Land Spirits are the very trees and rocks they embody, simply switching between material and spirit form, being both simultaneously.

It made me wonder how come living things like trees and animals would eventually become spirit only, via death. Then I figured that things that eat or otherwise absorb energy from the universe must eventually become food themselves, giving that energy back. We decompose and disperse our energy because we’ve taken so much energy from the universe temporarily.

It’s not a new idea, but I’m seeing life and death in a whole new light tonight.


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