Matter and Spirit

Matter and spirit are like the Everything and the Nothing. They intertwine endlessly, being interdependent, and at their core they are the same.**

There are only two forms of being. One is to be made of parts, which is matter. The other is to be without parts, which is spirit. Spirit can be just as complex as matter, but it is without the bits and pieces that make matter so…material.

Because Spirit is complexity without parts, we can never be apart from it. There is no disconnection. We are not separate selves in Spirit, though it may seem that way. We are like the field of mushrooms which all seem individual yet are connected underground as one entity.

I suspect that spirit is very close to energy insofar as energy is expressed as a wave. Waves also are complex and without parts. In fact, when things are not observed some quantum physicists have said they exist as wave functions only, and that observing them breaks the wave function and makes the thing “real.” This makes a lot of sense to my mind. What is spirit but the unseen sight, the unheard sound? To see it, to hear it, is to make it physical and material. But really they are one and the same.

Light is both particle and wave; even molecules are both particle-like and wave-like. It is likely that everything exhibits a kind of particle-wave duality. So too everything is both matter and spirit.

One consequence of this line of thought is that you cannot go looking for spirit in any physical way. You cannot ask spirit to reveal itself. You can only intuit it. You have to rely on a different kind of knowing than sensory-based knowing. Gut instinct, revealed knowledge…these ways of knowing have value too. The experience of knowing something is an unmistakeable feeling. I know things for which I have no sensory input whatsoever. These are spirit things.

Another consequence is that one really ought not to go looking at all. There is no gap between matter and spirit. Matter is. Spirit is. That’s all.

Now, some people cannot conceive of spirit at all — I have been such a person. To say that spirit can be a wave function might sound ridiculous. Isn’t spirit akin to the soul? Is there proof of life after death via the soul, or am I just talking of energy and matter in a roundabout way, and not “real” spiritual things?

I am talking about the soul. If you want proof of its existence, think of a piece of music in your mind. Can you hear it? Spirit is, among other things, unhoused thought.

Thoughts, like vagrants, own
no real estate but sneak
off through space and even steal,
unnoticed, into someone else’s brain
and leave all the lights on.

Part of my belief in the Everything and the Nothing makes me wary of the limitations of spacetime. Spacetime is an illusion, surely. Freed from spacetime, a thought can happen outside your head and separate from the causal connections of synapses. A thought becomes a thing in itself, standing alone. This thought is not made of atoms. What is it but spirit?

All that we imagine is spirit too, so imagine wildly, secure that everything happens. In this way we dream the world into being.

All is spirit and all is matter.

**I should note that I don’t actually think my ideas are superior to anyone else’s. Nor do I think anyone should believe in these ideas, despite the fact that I’m trying to sound convincing


8 thoughts on “Matter and Spirit

  1. So two forms of being: matter and spirit. What does that make space? It bends and curves, thus having existential expression. But it’s not matter, because two separate materials cannot exist in the same place, but matter always exists in the same place as does space. So is it spirit?

    Interesting post, but, admittedly, I’m a bit of a gadfly. But I wouldn’t be writing this comment if it did not provoke thoughts in me, so bravo!

    Julien Haller

    1. Thanks for commenting, that’s a delicious question. I’ve been chewing on it for a little while now.

      I have to be honest and say that I don’t think space really exists. I think time and space are illusions. Einstein had to admit that if spacetime was relative, it couldn’t really exist in itself but required someone to perceive its existence. In that way, I would equate spacetime with thought and imagination, which I believe are spirit things.

      But I have a nagging suspicion that Everything exists and Everything happens. Everything is both real and mere dreams. If that’s true, space would thus have to exist as a thing in itself. So what is it? I think spacetime is quantized. I believe there is a Planck unit for space and time, a unit incredibly small yet still having a finite length. Because of this, I’d say that space is linked to matter — it is in pieces, it’s “bitty”. This is an old idea, that space is material; space has previously been thought of as aether. I’ve had my share of laughs at aether theories, but in the end they are no more ridiculous than talk of dark matter or dark energy.

      I’m not sure that two things cannot really share the same space, as you pointed out. I’m thinking of what physicists call “weakly interacting particles” like neutrinos which fly right through us. I suspect it has something to do with electromagnetic fields — which is what makes the surface of a table hard to the touch.

      I’ll probably chew on this a while longer — thanks again for prompting some discussion!

      1. I am impressed to see you know your physics. In fact, your notion on the quantization of spacetime is one that I argued back when I used to work with physics graduate students. One way to see this is to utilize Zeno’s Dichotomy Paradox. In it, we see that, if I throw a ball at a wall, it will never reach the wall because it must always go through the halfway point first. So it’ll start by getting halfway there, then three-quarters, then seven-eighths, and so on ad infinitum. Of course, this assumes that space is infinitely divisible. But, if you assume that it is quantized, like you suggested, then, at some point, you cannot divide it any longer; that way, the ball hits the wall once the halfway of the preceding step is less than the size of the quantum space “particle.”

        Anywho, always great to engage with another physics enthusiast. I’ll have to read more of your posts, and I hope you take the time to peruse my writings. A couple weeks back, I wrote an essay on existence, followed by additional posts that I referred to as the “footnotes, which I think you might find interesting.

        Julien Haller

    1. Hi there! Yeah, the like button is somewhat hidden, and I don’t think I can change it. But when you click on the comment button, the post’s sharing and liking buttons come up. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  2. I appreciate the Spirit of your questioning and searching…..I can only share that my own experience is that Spirit and Matter are One, that Matter is simply condensed Spirit taking all its forms. Spirit is in All, IS ALL, and there is Consciousness in all of it…only in different ways. Spirit, however, can have ‘parts’ or rather differentiations…it is simply more subtle parts, more subtle forms that interplay with the material, physical reality….including in our own cells and bodies, the very substance. Spirit and Soul are there at work, and cannot be separated in any way. All the realms of experience and consciousness are diverse formations and plays of Spirit, of the Divine, which is all One. Humanity is slowly awakening to this truth, but it takes time to adjust our Senses, for we are bound up in perceiving life as separate things, in our ‘mental’ way of seeing….but there are profound other ways to ‘see’ and ‘experience’……and more people are awakening to this, however slowly. I wish you all the best in your Journey and Seeking. Take care.

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