The most wonderful thing has happened. The other day. just moments after I reconnected with Spirit, coming to know it more deeply than I ever have before, I found echoes of my personal belief system in the Q’ero shamans of Peru. I have been building my theory of the Everything and the Nothing for years, but I could never find it expressed in any book or culture. I both wanted and did not want to find it, since it was kind of cool to be original, but when I found the Q’ero concept of yanantin I was absolutely thrilled.

Yanantin expresses complementary dualism in all things. It is like Taoism, but somehow Taoism never really appealed to me, and this does. I will not ramble on about theory and philosophy — what’s really important is that I have been touched and awakened and even brought back to shamanism, which I had strayed from these last months. How wonderful is it that my deeply held beliefs are echoed in Q’ero shamanism of all things! It seems so deliciously right. 

It is wonderful also that the Q’ero have a prophecy about the awakening of the world in 2012, which is when my own awakening unfolded. They also believe that the new shamans will come from the western world — so I will, with their apparent blessing, put aside worries of cultural appropriation. I don’t think I am in danger of that anyway, since I don’t want to adopt a belief or way of life that did not come from myself first. I’m not even borrowing from the Q’ero culture in any manner, and I’m not planning to run off to Peru. But these days one cannot casually claim to align with an indigenous culture without worrying about being offensive.

For now, I am simply getting to know Spirit again, as if we had never met. I feel as if I am a newborn baby, and also like I’m gazing at my own child for the first time.


You nod and say no, never – but yes, utterly. At least you come by it honestly. You say the Universe never made a choice, not before it came alight or after. I say, quiet. We kiss. This is really happening, right now, sometime between birth and death, but you say, everything happens. Nothing happens, always and never.



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