Magic Is Real

I believe in the reality of magic, but there are plenty of times when I act like I don’t. This morning the Universe gave me a huge wake up call.

See, a long time ago, one of my spirit guides (I’ll call her A.) told me to put black peppercorns in the corners of my meditation/piano room for protection. I liked the idea, but procrastinated on actually getting the peppercorns. When I finally did, I didn’t really know what to do with them. So I did nothing. My wife had a good idea about special hanging globes to put them in, and I knew full well it would be a very very long time before we found and bought the appropriate apparatus. Again, I did nothing. Meanwhile A. told me to forget the special hanging things and just put out the pepper in temporary bowls. A few nights ago, I agreed to do it right away. But I didn’t do it. Then the night before last, I promised to do it. I didn’t. Then last night I said I would surely do it.

I didn’t.

So at four in the morning my wife woke up to the sound of running water. We traced it down to a pipe directly above my meditation seat and altars.

We live in a two-storey apartment unit. My mediation room is on the upper floor. Somehow, the water was coming down through the walls and ended up flooding the lower floor. Water poured out the baseboards of my meditation room and along the floor, and water threatened to start pouring through the ceiling where the leak was originating, but it didn’t. Instead, it poured out the ceiling below.

It’s hard to describe, but the result is that miraculously nothing got wet, despite the huge buckets and garbage pails of water that poured through. The water was dangerously close to a lot of things, like my meditation altar and our computers, but nothing got rained on at all. There is a huge sopping wet spot on the ceiling — it covers pretty much the whole living room ceiling, really. And there are now gaping holes in my meditation room ceiling where the plumber finally fixed the leak. But again — nothing was damaged other than that.

I call that magic. A hard lesson, but one I’m not going to forget soon.



8 thoughts on “Magic Is Real

      1. I’ve been saying I’ll be rearranging my kitchen for a week now so that I could use a little cubby area as altar space. *looks around* Nope. Everyone is still in their previously selected spaces!

  1. Nice to know I’m not the only one.

    I had something similar when I said to Siannon that I’d do something “soon”. We woke up in the morning in the hotel we were staying in to find we didn’t have any cold water. We got the use of another room, but the same thing happened.

    We were the only ones in the hotel that this happened to – the receptionist was doing his pieces in case the kitchen didn’t have cold water, but everyone else was fine.

    1. A wake-up call like that can be great motivation — and a different sort of validation than the ones I usually get. It’s nice when the spirits poke us *gently*!

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