Welcome to Nunavut

This video makes me so happy. I’m not sure why, except that I’m drawn to the Inuit culture.

These days I’m aching to go up North to Algonquin. We tend to go a couple times a year; I’m not sure we’ll make another trip before the year’s out. But I feel my heart is there.

I adore the autumn, so naturally I want to experience it in the most beautiful setting possible. I’ve always loved autumn, even long before I became pagan. I used to ache with the falling leaves and be nearly torn apart by this intense beautiful sadness. Now it is different; my life is different; I feel more beautiful joy than beautiful sadness. It is a huge step for me because it used to be so important and I never thought I’d give it up. But it gave me up, as it were.

I want to go to Algonquin and see moose and feed chipmunks and sit with my wife by a fire.  I want to journey amongst the falling leaves and meet new spirit guides. I think this weekend I should find some little substitute — something with the same spiritual flavour that I’m seeking.




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