Algonquin Photos

As I go through Algonquin-withdrawal, I’m looking at photos from our previous trips, and I thought I’d share.

My wife’s so cute, I couldn’t help but post a picture of her cooking bacon…on a shovel.

Me feeding the grey jays. If you hold out your hand, they’ll swoop right down and land on it.

My wife and a grey jay.

A beaver, probably at the dam on Arowhon.

Me feeding a tame fox on Arowhon road. He looks scruffy but was doing well for himself and his family of kits!

We named him Chunky.

Is it any wonder why I want to go back?


9 thoughts on “Algonquin Photos

  1. WOW…. All those critters you saw! And feeding the birds, ga! I adore foxes. I would have had an attack right there. That one image of the solitary fox is just GORGEOUS.

    1. Thanks! The wildlife is just incredible, you really can’t drive through the park without seeing a moose or a fox, if you know what you’re looking for.

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