A Witchy Birthday

Yesterday I was thoroughly spoiled, first by the Universe for giving my wife and I great energy and joyfulness. We couldn’t have been happier; we were high on love. Next, my wife spoiled me with treats including a gorgeous witchy outfit. We went to a witch store we hadn’t been to (http://www.catbookandcandle.com/) and had a great talk with the owner, who gave me a beautiful piece of citrine. Next, I got a haircut, and we caused a bit of a stir when my wife started gathering up the clippings into a bag. I explained we planned to give the hair to our Tree, which we were to visit that evening.

We finished labeling and sorting our Journey Tree Hedgewitchery bath and body products for the party today — it’s an insane amount of stuff. I’ll blog about that with pictures later. Then, we went out for our night drive. 

I have to report that our trek to the Tree was foiled by conservation parkies who were suspicious of us entering the park at 1:00am. We did get part way in, escorted by the parkies (there’s a long story there), and at a bridge crossing a Canada Goose flew by making a loud, distressed sound. We took this as a sign that we really weren’t meant to go to the tree. We weren’t disappointed though, and as we discussed it going home, we decided we ought to visit other trees now, different trees, maybe even random trees, and speak with them and give them gifts instead of focusing on the one Tree. As much as we love it, we probably won’t go back (issues with the parkies were that bad). I’m not at all sad; my communion with it in Other Worlds is so strong anyway.

The point about the goose was interesting so I looked it up in Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak. He writes: “you can expect to have the imagination stirred toward new travels to distant places — whether in the body or the mind.” This makes a lot of sense given that my wife and I spoke of our “gypsy” nature as a reason to move on from the tree. We have favourite places yes, but we’re always on the move.

Today is the big family party at the farm; another great day for sure. I’m counting my blessings!


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