Blue Moon Birthday

Tomorrow is the Blue Moon — magical enough in itself. It is also my birthday. My wife keeps asking me what witchy things I’d like to do, and I can’t think of anything more than our usual night drive, going to my Tree and making offerings. I’d love to hear any suggestions, ideas, musings, or whatever else!


11 thoughts on “Blue Moon Birthday

  1. Happy happy birthday to a fellow Virgo! Mine was the 26th, and I always like to run to Nature on our hikes… Alas, we were besieged with flooding and a tropical storm. So it’s been postponed till tomorrow! I hope your day is bright + clear. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I’m not sure of any sacred sites around, if you mean ones named sacred by the community. But my Tree is pretty sacred to me, and I thought of a really meaningful offering for our visit tonight. It should be lovely.

    1. Hi there, since the Blue Moon is an “extra” full moon in a month, I would say that it bears the same significance of the full moon, but more powerful. The full moon, as you probably know, is a time of completion and the marks the height of the moon’s creative energy that influences us. It’s a great time to stay up late and finish an art project or do some magic.

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