Communing with Spirit Guides

I am working on strengthening my connection with my spirit guides. I recently took down some out-dated affirmations around my mirror and replaced them with small pictures honouring my spirit guides. I also have jewelry that symbolizes various guides, and my meditation altar is home to clay sculptures of some of my guides too. This is probably the easiest part of connecting with one’s guides. A little harder is the on-going practice of prayer, journeying, and channeling (which in shamanic terms would be called embodiment).

Even harder than this is the obligation to honour them in specific ways that the guides themselves request. Sometimes they require things that seem odd or awkward or even meaningless. I do readings regularly and I ask other people’s guides how to honour them as a show of respect and gratitude for their willingness to speak to me. Usually fulfilling these obligations is work – and I’m not complaining. It should be work.

So communing with one’s guides is not all white light and love. It is a real relationship, and has much of the give-and-take that human relationships have. It takes time and effort; there are misunderstandings; one must be willing to reach out even when one’s guide seems to be silent.

The rewards are well worth it.


11 thoughts on “Communing with Spirit Guides

    1. I think it’s different for everyone, but I do shamanic journeys to find spirit guides. It is essentially like a meditation, and I announce my intention to find a particular guide, and wait for someone to appear. Although I probably only did that once or twice. Usually I enter the spirit world and find someone waiting for me.

  1. Did you begin with mediation? I’ve always had some trouble connecting with my spirit guides. When I meditate and visualize, I connect much easier with my matron and patron deities. I think, perhaps, this is because I know who I’m seeking. (But I’m not certain about that point.)

    1. That’s interesting, I find it a bit harder to connect with deities, though I have managed it. I do meditate, and I either call out for a guide in the meditation, or they simply appear on their own. When I’m looking for someone else’s spirit guide, I go to one of mine and have them guide me to the spirit in question.

      1. I really appreciate the information about how it works for you! I’ll keep seeking out my spirit guides ,,, I know eventually I’ll find a way to connect with them. It’s always helpful to hear about how others connect with their guides. 🙂

  2. Aubs Tea just because you do not do shamanic journeys or meditation, does not mean it is out for you. My Cougar came to me one day, I asked Her name and was told. I was doing neither at the time, infact I was not doing much of anything. If one is ready for you then they will make their presents know to you, maybe a model in a shop, or a painting, or in real life or TV. Something inside will go ping and you will feel it, know it. Then research a little, find out what it means to you, rather than what everyone else thinks of it and thus it begins.

    Alicia same point to you really, they will come when you are ready for them. I find it easier to talk to my Gods, but with practice you will have an almost similar relationship with your Guides.

    One final thing, I was not a Shaman when Kaskai came to me, so I did not know what to do with regards to Her, on the job training. And another Shaman who has had a change with regards to the Guides She works with is Check it out.

    I hope it helps. and thank you again for another great post Jove

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