My wife and I went for a drive this evening, before dusk, to get away from the constant noise of the Blues-Jazz festival happening right across the street. We gave the new Dead Can Dance album a first listen, and found much of it very compelling. Then we came across a remarkable sight: eight vultures perched in a dead tree, wings outstretched to dry in the sun.




Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak notes many interesting things about the vulture; what jumps out to me is the link to auric vision and subtle energy perception, and that vulture “speaks of a coming time when you will be noticed more for what you do than for how you appear.” Also notable is that in flying vultures ride air currents, gliding without much effort, “reflecting that the power for flight does not come from them. They simply use what is available.” Many great lessons to inspire me today.


6 thoughts on “Vultures

  1. The vulture is the symbol of the Great Mother in ancient Egypt. They thought the vulture was the most mothering of all the animals in their little strip of land. It is why the queens wore vulture headdresses. And one of my favorite goddesses, Mut? That’s her name. It can mean “mother” or “vulture.”

  2. Vultures while listening to Dead Can Dance. The spirits do indeed have senses of humor (and maybe a taste for bad puns).

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