Spirit and Spirits

One of the common questions from shamanic journeyers is, “How do I know I’m not making it all up?” There are many answers. Christina Pratt has pointed out that we “make up” ordinary reality too, though this is not a satisfying answer for me. What makes a journey different from a day dream? 

One interesting thing is that I don’t day dream much at all. I have a hard time letting my imagination run freely enough to play with children. Yet I adore journeying.

Still, my faith has been tested lately with a message from the spirits that I need to let go and open up more. So last night my wife took me to a cemetery to feel spirits more strongly. I’m not one to wander cemeteries when the forests are so full of nature spirits, but indeed this cemetery was alive with energy. It was thick and palpable and real. It was also very, very dark. 

I’m in a strange in-between state right now, feeling that I know what I’m supposed to do, but not knowing how exactly to go about it. It is a testing ground, a place where I need to exercise my skills and prove myself. A new phase of my life is waiting for me on the other side.


2 thoughts on “Spirit and Spirits

  1. You journeyed for me and I don’t think you were making it up at all. Sorry I haven’t replied, but I want to get my hubby’s take on what you said as he knows me better than I know myself, plus he’s good at asking questions that leave me thinking “why didn’t I think of that?”

    Thank you for journeying for me, I will reply soon.

    1. Thanks for stopping in to comment. I think it’s lovely that you’re giving the journey so much thought and consideration. I’m still learning to have faith in what the spirits tell me — I want to help people, but ultimately it is the spirits who do the helping, not me!

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