Rare crane sighting

My wife and I came across an unusual wildlife sighting today, after a swim at Ipperwash beach. We took pictures and later confirmed it was a sandhill crane, which neither of us have ever seen before. I always watch for herons, as I feel I have a special connection to them, so this crane was an interesting sight.


To me, this crane spoke of creativity and journeys — a welcome and needed message.


6 thoughts on “Rare crane sighting

    1. They are amazing birds, aren’t they? Seeing it was absolutely magical. It was just wandering along beside the road, seeming very relaxed. Every now and then it would take flight and move away from us, but not far. I live in southern Ontario, Canada, and I believe it is rare for sandhill cranes to come up here.

  1. You may have a through-traveler there. I know they breed in Canada (and winter here), and with spring arriving so early, some may be moving south early as well. They’re beautiful beings, and they bear a lot of messages that have changed my life recently. This entry covers the messages I received.and continue to receive from them — shamanism, seemingly-lost causes, happiness….It’s all coming together now, and I look forward to their companionship this winter.

  2. What a magnificent bird! I’m certainly going to delve deeper into the messages and lessons presented by the crane. The ways in which animal spirits appear and speak to us will never cease to amaze and inspire me 🙂

    1. Me too 🙂 My wife and I go for night drives in the country and I’m strangely good at spotting animals in the dark. We always think about the messages each animal might be sending our way.

      1. That’s such a wonderful thing to do and such a great way of connecting with animal spirits and simply appreciating the beauty of each creature you spot! Night time is when many interesting creatures are most active and it’s amazing to see them in their natural habitat living as they should be. It’s then they reveal their messages to us through the way they behave. I find it’s also much more peaceful, I adore the night, I find it so healing, especially by moonlight.

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