Practicing Shamanism and Readings

I’ve been asking my spirit helpers what I can do to help people, and how to reach people who might need what help I can give. A year ago I was told that people would seldom “fall at my feet like leaves”, suggesting that helping people is never as straightforward as one would hope. But yesterday one of my spirit guides gave me something of an initiation, making me ready to reach out. 

I am not a very social person, so this is all very new to me. I never imagined myself in the role of a healer before. I have practiced on my wife, who is very patient and appreciative, but how do I know I’m ready to help others?

Perhaps I can simply start small, with divination readings freely offered — meaning I wouldn’t charge anything. Firstly because I’m still learning, so it doesn’t seem right at all; secondly, because I don’t want to monetize my religion. If it ever reached a point where I was spending so much time in the healer’s role that it was affecting my day job, perhaps I would accept donations…I don’t know. I don’t mean to put down people who do charge for readings; it’s just not right for me now.

So I’m offering free readings via email (which can be found above through the “contact me” link). I have a few oracle decks that I am very comfortable with, but my favourite divination tool is my newest one, a set of “throwing bones” I created with natural objects like teeth and claws and seeds and stones. I’m still learning how to interpret their intricacies — I feel there is much potential in this set and I’m excited to use it.


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