The Everything and the Nothing

Yesterday was the sort of day when I am easily emotionally moved, and cry over tourism videos about Nunavut, or seagulls flying by. I was blessed that evening; I stumbled upon new music to listen to over and over again, and a new song to learn on my piano. I had new thoughts about my metaphysics, an ongoing project of mine. It was beautiful.

I believe that Everything and Nothing exist simultaneously. This is because the Universe could not make a choice before it was born; it could not decide to create something rather than nothing. So the Everything and Nothing have always existed together.

What we experience of reality is mitigated by our senses. It is not a direct experience of reality, but a translation. We are disconnected from things as they really are. However, I also believe that our imagination is a direct sense of potential. Imagination gives us direct access to the Everything and the Nothing, which is the ultimate reality. Through our imagination we access parallel worlds and touch reality. So imagination is a sacred tool. If we want to connect with the Everything and the Nothing, all we need to do is imagine wildly.




5 thoughts on “The Everything and the Nothing

  1. Jove, You have, of course, touched upon the central paradox in life, Shamanism, and everything: Everything exists, and Nothing exists. Everything is perfect, and much needs to be healed. Perhaps there really is “only mind” and “no mind…..: Thanks for this thoughtful post.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I am often shy in sharing my ideas, for fear of not making sense. So your feedback was lovely and appreciated.

  2. Jove, I have just started reading your blog, and so far you have made perfect sense to me, Let lose your ideas and feelings, some will understand, others will not, and yet still others will learn from them. I have found that the Spirits send messages through us to one who reads the post, and not the person to whom it was made to.

    Walk in Faith and Balance,


    1. Thank you again! 🙂 I sometimes feel like I’m merely speaking to the wind, but then someone like you comes along. Spirit is wonderful like that.

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