Until yesterday I have never felt spiritually called to anything. I have been interested in a great many things and have walked many paths, but I would never say that I felt the universe directing me to a particular path or practice.

Yesterday was an ordinary workday, yet I felt called to the spirit world. I felt distinctly directed to get out of the office and get out of the mundane. I felt called to shamanize.

I couldn’t leave work so I stayed impatiently, distracted somewhat by my co-workers, feeling this great need for peace and meditation in the Other Worlds. Even when I got home, I wasn’t sure what to do with this calling. I felt bogged down and tired from the work-week so I thought perhaps the calling was just a fleeting mood that had now disapated. However, I planned to journey and in the evening I went for a ritual bath.

The great calm came over me. I wanted to stay in the bath forever, enjoying this peace. I felt the veil between worlds thinning. When I went to journey, the feeling only intensified. I don’t wish to discuss the journey too specifically, but I will say that it was powerful and enlightening. I was told, essentially, to step up my game. To practice shamanism, to strive to be a shaman.

I have been interested in shamanism for over a year, but not having felt the calling, I simply accepted that I wasn’t meant to be a shaman, and instead used shamanic tools and called myself a hedgewitch. I never expected anything more than that. Last night, when I came back from the journey, I felt still connected to the Other Worlds and wandered my home half-dreaming. I thought I might go mad. It was so powerful I hardly knew what to do — should I ground myself, or would that be closing a door I ought to keep open?

This morning I feel more normal, but it is like I have been given access to a deep well of spirit from which I can draw at will. And I can still feel this calling.


5 thoughts on “Calling

  1. Hey there- thanks for the follow. Will be returning the compliment 🙂

    I had an experience similar to yours following about 36 hours of sleep deprivation just this April. I finally had to ground myself and bring myself back. I think grounding is like making a connection with the experience back to the mundane world. You bring the energy forward and you earth it into the now. Personally, I couldn’t function with so much of myself still present in other places, so I had to call some of the energy back.

    I wish you well in learning the path you’ve been led to.

  2. Grounding is not only a good idea, it’s a requirement of the practice. In order to serve both worlds effectively, we must be rooted firmly in each. We “do” nothing. We simply exist as a conduit for spirit; a hollow bone through which the energy flows and manifests itself physically for the greatest good of all.

    Think of it like an old black and white movie showing the lobby of a hotel. At a desk sits an operator. Someone from room 103 wants to talk to someone from room 602. The operator takes a wire and plugs one end into 103 (the Spirit World) and the other end into 602 (the Physical World).

    The shaman is the wire.

    Without the shaman being fully connected in each world, the conversation cannot occur.

    Good journeys to you on your new-found path.

    1. Thank you for such a thoughtful comment, that is a good metaphor. I have been practicing grounding and you’re right, it is the vital key. Take care.

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