We had some successful soap making and rebatching, and it was a beautiful night, so it seemed right to make an offering. We took the gristly bits left over from making beef tallow, and our small collection of little pets (rats, gerbils, hamsters) that had passed on. I should explain that we keep a lot of small animals as pets, which I will blog about someday — it can be a spiritual experience having so many critters in the house. We take great care of them, be assured! However, some had died and we were waiting for the right time to give them back to the Earth.

So we went for a drive in the country and found a beautiful spot to say goodbye to our sweet furry friends, under a near blindingly bright moon. Then we drove some more and I asked for a sign to help us know where to leave the suet-gristle. We saw tiny baby killdeers running about at the side of the road, but drove on. We went up a dead end which felt alive with mystery and spirit, and it was getting late so we left the suet-gristle there. Just as we turned around to drive home, we saw a mother raccoon and babies. This I took as a sign that our offering was accepted.

Here is the coffee-cocoa soap we made, which turned out much better than previous attempts. We’re getting the hang of it!



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